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The abhorrent behavior room

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

1:31PM - Typical "So you want to be my friend" post

This is the intro page. If you really want to see how I feel about things and all that, go ahead and leave your info here. I will get back to you on whether or not I want to let you into my world. This will be a very personal space for me. I will screen all comments. This will be my REAL journal. I will use people's real names and I will be talking about real experiences I am having. Also, if you don't want your friends page to be all mucked up with 10 posts in one day from me . . . you may not want to add me. I don't want memes and crap like that here. I am not saying that I will never post them, but this going to be a real diary. Thanks in advance for leaving a message here.

P.S. I WISH this was fictional writing

Fuck you puppet